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Below are custom-designed t-shirts for the bands we work with, with each band having its own section. Check back frequently, as we will be adding more t-shirt designs on a regular basis.

Controlled Bleeding

CONTROLLED BLEEDING's 1983 electronic caterwaul KNEES AND BONES is one of the earliest recordings of American power electronics. Three decades later, BLEEDING -- the only constant member being high school English teacher Paul Lemos -- has amassed a large, sonically-diverse catalog that ranges from harsh noise experiments to an "industrial dance" period on the legendary Wax Trax! to more ambient releases on highly-regarded labels like Soleilmoon. You won't find CONTROLLED BLEEDING shirts anywhere else.



NECRPARTHENOPHAGY is a decimating black metal band with all songs performed in Enochian, the language of angels. You may not be able to decipher the band's lyrics, but sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words -- your friends and family will love that you've found religion and wear a t-shirt with a picture of God on it.


Sea Monster

Kicking things off with 1986's EPISODE 1: LIQUID LUNCH OR RAPTURE OF THE DEEP? EP, and the self-produced "Sex God Chant" video a year later, SEA MONSTER's take no prisoners mix of garagy punk and rock swagger made the band a favorite draw for legendary New York City venues like Continental and CBGB. Note that some of these shirts feature stills from the "Sex God Chant" and "That's All" videos!


Skin Chamber

SKIN CHAMBER was the major off-shoot of the long existent experimental group CONTROLLED BLEEDING. Skin Chamber's two albums, WOUND and TRIAL redefined musical extremity, influencing the next generation of hardcore -- just listen to the 20 minute sonic meltdown, "Swallowing Scrap Metal," their final musical statement which ends TRIAL.


Winged Disk

The more obscure the record label on your t-shirt, the hipper you are, so wearing these imaginative and stylish designs inspired by the WINGED DISK iconography will guarantee you're one of the coolest people walking the planet. Buy one and put off having to do laundry for one more day.